Android Automation System


With the touch panel you will be indispensable for your enjoyment, comfort and safety.

Our Android Touch Panel is designed to be used in all kinds of areas and surfaces. The system, which provides the most suitable solutions for all the requirements in intelligent building systems, creates comfort in its area by combining comfort with ease.

General Features

  • Supports Windows, Linux, Android platforms.
  • 10.1 e LCD display
  • Weather, time and date display
  • Monitoring of environmental security cameras
  • Dial-up, video and audio calls
  • Forward incoming calls from the ring panel to the
  • Monitor and manage alarm location from mobile phone
  • Image recording during a call
  • The system can work with 12V-24V DC supply

With our touch automation panels, your home is now very smart

Manage your home from your pocket

You can control the systems in your premises or manage your alarm remotely from your mobile phone. Whether you’re at home or outside the door of your house, see if you’re pressed, speak, if necessary, open the door remotely.

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Your Safety is in Safe Hands!

It continues to work in the event of a power failure and ensures your safety at the highest level.

Intelligent Building Technology

Meet Mobile Devices

Encrypted Communication

Integrated with all Xenon Smart products thanks to its wireless communication infrastructure.

Ethernet Connection

Single product for SIP support and remote access.


Building Ringer Panel

Android operating system
IP video and voice communication.
RFID Card Reader
It’s a knack. orientation.
Video talk feature.
Security and interview with the concierge.
Scrolling practical name search list
Aluminum panel that is resistant to external conditions.
Supply 12 Volt DC / CAT6 cable / 24 Volt PoE Supported

Villa Ringer Panel

Android operating system.
IP video and voice communication.
Touch light keypad.
It’s a knack. orientation.
Video talk feature
Panel resistant to external conditions.
Supply 12 Volts DC
CAT6 cable / 24 Volt PoE Supported

Security Console

Interview with all apartments.
Monitoring and control of building doors.
Video call with building doors.
Receive and transmit alarm calls.
Leave a message to the inhabitant of the apartment.
Desktop use.

Role Kit

Water cutting.
Gas cutting.
Electric cutting.
External hoot.


APPLICATION METHOD: Surface Mounted and Recessed

SCREEN SIZE: 10″ and 7″ Color Multi Touch LCD Display

PLATFORM: Android 4.4.2


BODY COLOR: Black – White


SCREEN RESOLUTION: 1280 * 800 – 800 * 480 Resolution

TOUCH TYPE: Resistive Touch

RUNNING: Electronic ringtone 70db



DIMENSIONS: 136mm (Y) x 260mm (E) x 21mm (D)