Urban Transformation and Smart Home

Urban Transformation and Smart Home

Unfortunately, our country is located on various seismic zones. As the Distinguished Scientists put it, rem It is not an earthquake, it will kill the wrong structures. Değer 

   In our country, the process of transformation for risky regions dates back to 15 years. In the system called urban transformation, the owners of the apartments both renovate their old buildings and minimize the risks arising from the building.

   In the new buildings with urban transformation, the Smart Home System is no longer a must in the construction phase of the building with the development of technology. Because the owners who own the apartment with certain budgets; combined with comfort, water discharge, fire, theft etc. they want to protect their investment against negative situations.

However, with the spread of smart phones; any negative situation that may occur in the home as a message to the phone, electricity, water, natural gas should be a necessity must be cut. 

   Therefore, in order to increase the value of your investment and to maximize your comfort, security and savings in urban transformation projects, you should always ask for Smart Home systems.

   In Smart Home Systems, Xenon Smart Smart Home Automation Technologieswill provide the most accurate solutions for easy, safe, developable systems.