What Does Smart Building Mean

What Does Smart Building Mean

In recent years, there has been a confusion in the concept of Smart House and Intelligent Building. Developing technology, demand from users and efficient use of energy for the Smart System complexity Smart House and Intelligent Building has to be separated from each other.

Smart Home, while providing solutions for housing needs; The Smart Building offers solutions for offices, hotels, factories, shopping centers and government agencies.

In the Smart Building, different from the residences, from the technical center, lighting, heating-cooling system, fire system, camera security system, elevator / escalator and so on. It is designed as a continuous monitoring of building management systems and the realization of a certain emergency scenario in an emergency.

System constructions by considering the minimum operating costs and maximum energy savings in these structures; The project should be carried out by experienced companies who are experts in their fields and have strong references.

Xenon Smart Technology’s experienced team is always ready    to offer you the most accurate solutions with 17 years and more than 1000 projects experience in Smart Buildings .

   Some of our projects can be accessed from our References section.